Sleep Testing

Sleep Testing (Sleep Studies)

We make it easy and convenient to get state-of-the-art sleep testing services in our facility and at home. Our facility features a modern design and rooms with their own half bathroom, flat screen TV with cable television, Wi-Fi, ceiling fan, personal temperature control and fully adjustable beds. Our rooms are engineered with double walls and ceilings to help maintain a quiet and calm testing environment. We feature Platinum Beautyrest Haven Pines Serta-Simmons and Tempur-Pedic mattresses for added comfort.

Our services include full polysomnography (in-facility sleep testing for screening multiple sleep disorders) and Home Sleep Apnea Testing (home screening for sleep apnea). Sleep studies measure and record how a patient breathes during sleep, their heart rate and blood-oxygen levels, brain activity, body movements, and more. Results from sleep testing can help your healthcare Provider to formulate a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan to improve your sleep and overall wellness.

We accept all insurance carriers and self-pay customers. A referral is not always required. Customers can call, request an appointment online, and/or walk in to inquire about our services.

  Comprehensive Sleep Testing

  • In-Office Sleep Testing, Polysomnography (PSG)
    An in-office sleep study used to screen for multiple sleep disorders simultaneously. The most comprehensive sleep study offered for adults at pediatrics.
  • In-Home Sleep Testing (HSAT)
    Used to screen for sleep apnea only. For ages 18 and up.
  • Positive Airway Pressure Therapy Testing & Trials
    A PSG used to evaluate the effectiveness of PAP Therapy.
  • APAP Titration Testing & Trials (APAP or ACPAP)
    In-home evaluation of the effectiveness of PAP Therapy.
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Testing (MSLT)
    A PSG used to screen for Narcolepsy.
  • Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing (MWT)
    A PSG used to measure daytime alertness, often for the FAA, DOTD and military organizations.

  Treatment Available for: