Forms & Policies

Provider Referrals

Thank you for choosing Red River Sleep Center, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to serve your patients. To make referrals easier, we have provided ready-to-use forms to help you document clinical symptoms and order sleep studies with confidence. Call our office at (318) 443-1684 if you have any questions.

A Sleep Study Referral REQUIRES TWO ITEMS:
(1) Signed and Dated Clinical evaluation notes detailing patient symptoms.
(2) Documentation showing a referral for a sleep study to Red River Sleep Center.

MAKE IT EASY by using our provided forms:
We recommend using the "Sleep Testing Order Form" listed below. This form makes it easy to clearly document the referral and indicate what type of testing is being requested. Our team will review all sleep testing orders to confirm medical necessity based on the clinical evaluation and the patient's history. The forms under "Pre-screening Forms" can be used along with your clinical evaluation to help meet medical necessity for sleep testing.