Provider Referrals

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your patients! We believe referring should be efficient & simple. Our premade forms will help you document symptoms and order sleep studies with confidence. Questions? Call (318) 443-1684.

Sleep Study Referrals Require:
(1) Signed/Dated clinical evaluation notes (your routine office notes) of the suspected diagnosis and correlating symptoms.
(2) Documentation indicating a referral to Red River Sleep Center with Patient demographics. Using our order form takes care of this.

Documenting Symptoms

Note any symptoms that correlate with the suspected diagnosis. Example below:

For Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome
  • Snoring or gasping for breath during sleep
  • Periods of apnea during sleep
  • Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
  • High Blood pressure
  • Morning headaches

  Pre-Screening Forms

You can include these optional forms with your clinical notes to help patients get insurance coverage for their sleep testing.

  Order Forms

Keep it simple. Download, fill out & fax or email. We'll review the order, get your patient tested, and send you the results.

 Need help identifying sleep apnea patients?

Average Adult Sleep Apnea Patient Profile

  • 35 years of age
  • Weight 225 lbs
  • Height 5'7"
  • BMI 35.0
  • Symptoms of snoring and daytime sleepiness

Common Medical History Findings (adult patient)

  • Sleepiness, nonrestorative sleep, fatigue, an/or insomnia
  • Waking gasping for breath and/or choking during sleep
  • Bed partner observed snoring and/or breathing interruptions during sleep
  • Hypertension, mood disorder, cognitive dysfunction, coronary artery disease, stroke, CHF, atrial fibrillation, and type 2 diabetes.