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Red River Sleep Center is an AASM accredited independent medical testing facility devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Red River Sleep Center was the first sleep center in the area to be accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. We are proud to have two Board Certified Sleep Specialists and Louisiana’s first Licensed Sleep Technologist overseeing our program. As a leader in sleep medicine, we have the proficiency, the instruments and the experience to identify your sleep condition and assist you in returning to a restful night’s sleep.

At Red River Sleep Center, we are dedicated to providing you with individualized attention and the best care available, all in a comfortable and compassionate environment. We recognize that attending to your needs is essential for making your visit with us a positive experience. The friendly staff of Red River Sleep Center is eager to serve customers and deliver complete and efficient services. We provide Physician Based Sleep Evaluations, Sleep Studies, CPAP equipment and supplies, as well as Sleep Disorder Education for patients and physicians, offering you complete and comprehensive care.

Drs. Wold, Webb, and Guillory, Red River ENT Specialists

Having trouble sleeping?

At some point in their lives, nearly half of all adults have brief periods of difficulty sleeping. About 10% of this group experience insomnia, an ongoing sleep problem.

Insomnia Treatment
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Snoring keeping you awake?

Though snoring can be merely bothersome, It is a typical indicator of sleep apnea, a serious disorder that may be potentially hazardous to your health.

Snoring Treatment
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Feeling tired during the day?

If you're having trouble with excessive drowsiness throughout the day or fall asleep at unexpected times, you might be suffering from a neurological sleep disorder.

Narcolepsy Treatment