Sleep Careers

Employment with Red River Sleep Center Inc.

If you are interested in employment with Red River Sleep Center, we are accepting resumes for the following [OPEN] positions via email at

UPDATED 03/01/2023
 [CLOSED] Patient Services Coordinator
- Medical office professional position with a day shift schedule.
 [CLOSED] Referral Coordinator - Medical office professional position with a day shift schedule.
 [CLOSED] Therapy Specialist - Licensed medical professional position. Accepted credentials include RRT, CRT, RPSGT, RST, LPN, RN.
 [OPEN] Sleep Technologist - This is a night shift position that requires certification and state licensure. Accepted credentials include RRT, CRT, RPSGT, and RST. Out of state candidates are also encouraged to apply.

Polysomnographic Sleep Technologist Careers

Louisiana was the first state to require licensure for the field of Polysomnography. A Polysomnographic Technologist, often referred to as a "Sleep Technologist", is a medical professional trained and licensed to perform all areas of polysomnography as a clinician and educator within the field of sleep medicine. Polysomnography duties include advanced neurodiagnostic in-facility polysomnograms, basic in-home sleep apnea testing, and the correlating reading, interpretation, and processing of the acquired data. The career path for a Sleep Technologist often begins with a few years of night shift work and can lead to involvement with any healthcare business that is associated with Sleep Medicine. This includes, but is not limited to, sleep testing, dispensing and provision of PAP Therapy treatment, sleep health coaching and education, sales and marketing, clinical and technical support and program administration.

The below links provide state, national, and international regulatory and educational information needed to pursue a career as a Sleep Technologist. For individuals without a respiratory therapist license, formal education is required to pursue a career in polysomnography within the state of Louisiana. This is often accomplished through a one-year technical school program; see the SUSLA link below. If you are interested in a Sleep Technologist position with Red River Sleep Center, please email us your resume at

  1. Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME)
  2. Board of Polysomnographic Technologist (BRPT)
  3. National Board of Respiratory Care (NBRC)
  4. American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) 
  5. Southern University at Shreveport PSG Technology (SUSLA)