CPAP Equipment & Supplies

We offer a full-service CPAP Equipment and Supply experience in one location. We have a very experienced team of licensed sleep professionals and medical office experts on site and ready to assist you with your PAP therapy needs. Our medical supply program is ACHC accredited and keeps a high standard for its services and products.

Managed Care Services

  • PAP therapy guidance and education
  • Mask fittings with rental options
  • PAP Device warranty service and replacement
  • Physician letters for CDL, Military, FAA, etc.
  • Prescription updates
  • Telehealth assistance and monitoring

In Stock Medical Products

  • New and used CPAP & BPAP devices
  • Masks and ancillary parts including filters, water canisters, chinstraps, and tubing and more
  • Firm wedges for head of bed elevation
  • Specialty CPAP pillows such as the CPAPMax 2.0 pillow
  • Other Specialty items such Vapor kits & travel size distilled water

Convenient Shopping Experience

  • Convenient hours: 7am to 5pm, M-F
  • Located near the sleep specialists office
  • Walk in, phone, and web-based ordering
  • Pay online, by phone, or in store
  • All items regularly kept in stock
  • USPS shipping option available
  • Automatic reminders for new supplies
  • Competitive pricing including price matching considerations and cash pay options.
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